CuroWhite - Revolutionary White Curcumin

High solubilit, high bioavailability. Unique blend of Hydrogenated Curcuminoids.

Cureit - The Best Curcumin Formulation

The only curcumin formulation making use of bio-polymers of turmeric.

OPITAC (L-Glutathione)

We are exposed to toxins and pollutants from inside and out. We are subjected to physical illness, aging and immune system deficiency. Glutathione works againts aging throughout life. However, the volume of Glutathione in the body decreases dramatically over time.

Tiger Pro - Respiratory & Immune Health

The ‘sclerotium’ (underground tuber) is used as folk medicine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis, gastric ulcers and liver cancer in China. In Malaysia, the indigenous communities utilized this Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) as traditional and complementary medicine to treat cough, asthma, bornchitis, joint pain, fever, cancer, food poisoning, indigestion and gastritis.

Nexus Wise

We Manage Healthcare Nexus

We Sell Wise Solution

Nexus Wise is in the business of developing, branding and distributing novel dietary ingredients which are supported by science to improve quality of life. Nexus Wise’s branded ingredients are available under licensing to marketers and manufacturers of finished products. We deliver optimal solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our Vision

To be the leading healthcare ingredients & solutions provider in South East Asia.

Our Purpose

Nourish people with integrated healthcare ingredients & solutions.

Our Values


We will spread the love for health and wellness to the society through our care and passion.


We will deliver our promise and serve our customers and stakeholders with heart.


We treat and engage with everyone as equals with trust and respect.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to learn continuously to achieve more every day.


Different dairy sources that benefit your bone health, daily.

Prebiotics & Fiber

Soluble and insoluble fiber that protect your digestive health.


Antioxidants that protects vision and combats cellular damage.

Vitamin & Minerals

Innovative proprietary blend of nutrients that your body needs.

Oil Powder

Nutritional powders rich in phytosterols, tocopherol and antioxidants.

Plant Extracts

Wide array of various plant extracts rich in phytochemicals.


Strains and formulations that support human health and well-being.

Juice Concentrate

Distinct potent nutritional profile for every juice concentrates.

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